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My names Chantelle Lewis and I am 31 years old. I grew up in the beautiful and quaint seaside town of Falmouth, Cornwall. For readers outside the UK, this is in the South-West of England. Here I lived with my Mum and Dad, two sisters and my brother. We are a really close family, with good morals and when we’re all under one roof it officially becomes a mad house!

I have always had a lust for life, and for those who know me they would probably agree that I am pretty loud, putting the ‘E’ in enthusiastic and I love to smile. I would definitely say I am a perfectionist, and always put 110% into everything I do. I love all things pink, anything branded with an anchor, can’t live without Marmite and may be slightly addicted to coffee!

After completing my BA Hons degree at Middlesex University, I found myself auditioning for drama schools in the ‘big smoke’ and accepted a place at the prestigious Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. I studied and trained in all areas of Musical Theatre and graduated with a Masters Degree. This was a dream come true and a real stepping stone towards what life could be life as a professional performer.

Although I expected tough times, this career proved ten times harder than I had anticipated. As many out of work actors, I worked every hour in multiple jobs, to ensure I could afford my rent, stock my cupboard and continue to take part in dance classes. I attended open auditions up and down the country in the hope that my time would come but unfortunately it didn’t. I was struggling to make ends meet.

When I was 26, I made a huge decision to up sticks and take a break from London. I went to sea to work as a stewardess on private super yachts. I saw this as an opportunity to work hard and save money, but to also experience new places and different cultures whilst being surrounded by the beauty of the ocean. I thrived in this environment, and I was finally able to put all my organisational skills and genuine love of cleaning to good use!

I stayed at sea for two years, saw some breathtaking views, made some life long friends and even gained the nickname Anchor Girl! Unfortunately whilst working abroad I got bitten by a teeny tiny tick and become very sick. I am now suffering from Chronic Lyme Disease and a number of tick borne co-infections.

This blog ‘In the Lyme Light’ is an insight in to my continuous battle with chronic Lyme Disease. The highs, the lows and all that’s in-between!

I have all the hope in world that I won’t be this sick forever and I hope to one day thrive in a career; whether this be as a performer or working with children. I have never been one to sit still, so I will fight for my health until I am back loving and living life to the full.

I also run an additional lifestyle blog ‘Topix and Tales’ which can be found at topixandtales.com This blog allows me to take a break from all things Lyme and focus on other areas that interest me.

I hope you enjoy reading my blogs and I am excited to become part of a growing network of bloggers.

Much Love, Chantelle X

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  1. Thank you so much for your story and information. I was just wondering if you could write to me the name of the clinic in London that does IV Vitamins. The Cancer clinic. Best wishes, Lucy

    • Hi Lucy, I’m sorry for the delay in responding to you. I will private message you by email with some more information that you have asked for. Sorry you are also struggling with this illness, I know it can feel like there is no end at times, but please keep hope and know thing WILL get better. Whatever you do don’t give up! Best Wishes, Chantelle x

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